Ratholer - A player who removes chips from the table, usually to avoid having to go all-in more than they intend to. Ratholing is typically performed by shortstackers who play really tight, double up, then move to another table.

High Roller - A player who usually plays in high stakes poker games that require betting large amounts of money. As a result large amounts of money can be won and lost within minutes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

General Update and Thoughts

So, things have been going well, poker wise.

I have been posting some updates to twitter and so far this has been a good month at the tables.

A few things have happened that have got me thinking, so I wanted to do a general update to see where I still need to get to by the May mark (6 months).

Every Session:
Use proper game selection - Done (as much as possible)
Practice good BRM - Done
Always buy in for the maximum and top up if needed - Done
Learn to identify when you go on tilt and activate the killswitch - Done
Apply the maths - Done
Try some multi-level thinking - Done
Be patient, remain calm and focused - Done

Short Term (3-6 Months):
Know the maths - Done
Practice multi-level thinking - Done
Realise a decent profit - Busy 1/2 way
Increase number of simultaneous tables to 6 online - Busy
Up the stakes from $2NL to $10NL on FT - Canned
Up the stakes from R20NL to R100NL on Piggs - Up to 200NL now
Buy tracking software - Still need
Check and record stats once a month - Done
Read 2 poker books - Done
Play more live games - Done

So thats where I'm at, 3 goals to go before May. Need some new goals I think...