Ratholer - A player who removes chips from the table, usually to avoid having to go all-in more than they intend to. Ratholing is typically performed by shortstackers who play really tight, double up, then move to another table.

High Roller - A player who usually plays in high stakes poker games that require betting large amounts of money. As a result large amounts of money can be won and lost within minutes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poker Book Review - Poker Wizards

Poker Wizards: Poker strategy from the World's Top No-Limit Hold'em Players - Warwick Dunnett - UK ISBN 978-1580422277

During my holiday time, I decided to mow through another poker book. This time, boB loaned me this book and so far it has helped me quite a bit in the tourney side of things.

What Warwick does, is he sits down with a bunch of our favourite pros like Daniel Negreanu, Dan Harrington, T.J. Cloutier and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson to name but a few.

He interviews them, asking them questions about being a winning poker player, as well various other bits of useful info about the lifestyle of a poker pro.

He then goes through a bunch of starting hands and positions and the pros explain how they play these hands based on specific scenarios.

I would really recommend this one for all tourney players.

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