Ratholer - A player who removes chips from the table, usually to avoid having to go all-in more than they intend to. Ratholing is typically performed by shortstackers who play really tight, double up, then move to another table.

High Roller - A player who usually plays in high stakes poker games that require betting large amounts of money. As a result large amounts of money can be won and lost within minutes.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bankroll Update: December

Hey all,

Hope you are enjoying the silly season. Here is the first of (hopefully) many updates.

Start: 2010/11/22 R1800 (after 2k withrawal)
End: 2010/12/23 R2300
Winnings: R500

Full Tilt
Start: 2010/12/01 $50/R350
End: 2010/12/23 $20/R140
Losses: $30/R210

Start: R2150
End: R2440
Winnings: R290

Short Term Goals Abandoned:
Increase number of simultaneous tables to 6 online (Cannot be done on Piggs without playing different stakes)
Up the stakes from $2NL to $10NL on FT (Need to practice more first)

Short Term Goals Attained:
Know the maths (Applying this to every session)
Practice multi-level thinking (Applying this to every session)
Up the stakes from R20NL to R100NL on Piggs (Currently playing R100 NL)

Short Term Goals in progress:
Read 2 poker books (Busy reading - Poker Wizards "Warwick Dunnett") (On Xmas list - Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth "Dusty Schmidt")
Play more live games (Playing more home games and went to Silverstar once)
Check and record stats once a month (you're looking at it)

New Short Term Goals:
Stop playing on FT, focus on Piggs
Play 4 simultaneous tables consistently

That's December, ups and downs ;)

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